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Doggone Clean Paws Video
Doggone Clean Paws Deluxe Model

"We have two large labradoodles. And their coats are wavy and thick. Hence they are part poodle. Water, dirt, and snow clings to their paws legs and undersides. We have been using the doggone clean paws all winter and it has been a great product. Our dogs love to go outside to play often. So this product is very convenient and our dogs are not afraid to put their paws in the dish. Everything comes in a convenient pack, so it travels well and stores well. you can't go wrong with doggone clean paws." - Allen and Ahelly .
Owners of Misty and Maggie.
“Thanks for Doggone Clean Paws! Works great. No more mud and dirt in my truck.”
- James M.
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Q: What is the best way to clean the product?
A: Clean the product with Antibacterial soap and drop into the dishwasher.

Q: Can I use the cleaning tray as a water or food bowl while traveling?
A: Yes... Before using as a feed or water bowl. Make sure you clean after washing your canine's feet. 

Q: Can I carry your product in my store ?
A: Yes... We would love to have our Doggone trays everywhere. Just contact us at: 

Canadian Online Store

Canada phone: 416.527.4275
Canadian customers click here

United States Stores
Island Pet Resort
1311 Geddes Street
Grand Island, NE 68801
Animal Medical Clinic
210 E. Stolley Park Road
Grand Island, NE 68801

South Locust Veterinary Clinic
Michael Reilly, DVM
1616 South Locust
Grand Island, NE 68801

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Finally an all purpose cleaning system that will eliminate stains on your floors, rugs, vehicles and furniture. And most importantly it keeps your dog safe from snow melting chemicals, sand and
grime that will harm your dog. Doggone Clean Paws is portable, user friendly and necessary for the health of your loved furry friend!